How to Track USPS in India

How to Track USPS Parcels in India? | Comprehensive Guide

Are you awaiting a USPS parcel to get the latest PlayStation but don’t know how to track it? Don’t worry. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide to track USPS in India to locate your parcel accurately.

4 Steps for USPS to India Tracking

Steps for USPS to India Tracking
Steps for USPS to India Tracking

You can follow this detailed walkthrough for USPS tracking in India:

1. Find Your USPS Tracking Number

Firstly, you need a USPS tracking number to track your package. You can get your tracking number in the confirmation email from USPS. This reference number will be unique for every parcel and help you find your package’s location.

The USPS tracking number format for the overseas parcel is slightly different. It consists of 13 alphanumeric characters. The starting two characters are alphabets. The tracking number ends with “US.” It has nine digits between the alphabet—for example, UA106446655US.

2. Go to the Tracking Website

After having the USPS tracking number, you must go to the tracking website. The tracking details are available on USPS’s official site and third-party sites. You can use any of them.

3.  Enter the Tracking Number

After you’ve opened the tracking website of your choice, enter the USPS tracking number in the empty field. There will be a “TRACK” button under the reference number field. Click on that button to get all the tracking details.

USPS provides two shipping services:

First Class Shipping

The rates are low for first-class shipping, but they’ll not provide an international tracking number. You’ll get the tracking status of the parcel when it moves within the USA.

When the package reaches India, it is handled by customs clearance at the air cargo terminal. After that, it’s handed over to India Post.

Now, they have to hand over your package to you. The USPS tracking number will not work in India. So, you’ll not get any tracking details when your shipment is in India. The tracking website will show “In Transit” status like in the picture below:

usps india tracking status
USPS India tracking status

The shipment status is updated when the parcel’s barcode is scanned anywhere in the USA because of the tracking systems. You can read about how courier tracking systems work and update the tracking status.

Priority Shipping

For priority shipping, the rates are high, but you’ll get an international tracking number. They also offer insurance up to $100 on most shipments (restrictions may apply in some cases).

Priority shipping is recommended if your shipment is valuable, as it provides insurance, fast delivery, and an international tracking number. Due to customs clearance, the package can take a few additional days. 

4. Contact Your Local Postal Service

Visit the local post office to inquire about the parcel if you haven’t received it. There is a high chance you’ll find your package there.

If there is no information at the post office, you can contact India’s air cargo and ship cargo department. Moreover, you can visit the customs office or H.O. post office in your city.

Write the destination address clearly on the parcel box. Mention the name, full address, and pin code.

If you are looking for a reliable courier service in India, ST Courier is among the best, along with ACPL. You can track your parcels easily using this ST courier tracking tool.

How Long Does USPS Take to Deliver to India?

It depends on the service type you choose. Some USPS services offer fast delivery than others. Usually, it takes 7 to 15 days. But according to some customers, they got their parcels after 35 to 55 days.

Despite arriving early in India, the package gets late because customs clearance may take some time. Many people believe customs adds to parcel delays if they’re unsure which category to include for customs duty tax.


To conclude, you can track USPS in India easily. We discussed solutions given by people who encountered delivery problems and how they were able to find their parcels.

Get your tracking number. Go to USPS official site or third-party sites for USPS India tracking. If you’ve received your parcel, go to the local post office. If no information is found there, go to the customs office of the H.O. office. 


Tracking is possible outside the US if you purchase a service that allows it. For example, priority shipping gives an international tracking number. Put it on the USPS official website or any third-party website for tracking status.

USPS tracking doesn’t work in India. When the parcel leaves the USA and enters India, India Post handles the shipment afterward. However, priority shipping provides an international tracking number.

Go to the USPS website and enter the tracking number from the mailing receipt to track the registered mail.

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