Is the Tracking ID and Order ID the Same

Difference between Tracking Number and Order Number

The tracking and order ID may sound the same, but they differ. They’ve different functions and formats and serve different purposes. If you don’t know the difference between the tracking number and the order number, don’t worry. This article comprehensively reviews tracking and order ID, including their difference.

Tracking Number VS. Order Number

The above table presents the key points only. Here is detailed information about the tracking and order numbers, what they are, where to find them, etc.

Tracking Number VS. Order Number
comparison between tracking number and order number

What is a Tracking Number?

The logistics or shipping company assigns a unique number to the package before delivery. This number is called a tracking number.

It assists customers in tracking their packages. They can find their parcel’s location anywhere and anytime using this tracking number.

Once your parcel leaves the warehouse until it arrives at its destination, you can track it easily using the tracking ID. You will get real-time updates regarding your package.

How Does Tracking Number Work?

When a logistics company ships a package, a shipping label is attached to it. The shipping label consists of a barcode. The barcode comprises data, including the tracking number.

The shipping label is scanned whenever the parcel enters or leaves a warehouse. The barcode scanning updates the tracking status of the parcel. The shipping and logistic companies use courier tracking systems.

The continuous barcode scanning updates and saves the information in the courier tracking system’s database. You can read more about the working of courier tracking systems.

So, the customers can get their parcel’s whereabouts on the shipping company’s official website or third-party sites using the tracking number. 

Where to Find a Tracking Number?

You can find the tracking number at these places:

Confirmation Email/Message

When you order from the shipping company for package delivery, it sends a confirmation email to you. The confirmation email has the tracking ID, which you can use for parcel tracking.


When you use a logistics service, the company issues a receipt with a tracking number.

What is the Format of the Tracking Number?

The format of the tracking number depends on the logistics and shipping company. There can be only numbers, or it can be alphanumeric.

For example, 2101103644 is ACPL’s GC number. It has numbers only. UE395210901US is USPS’s tracking number. It’s alphanumeric. Therefore, the format of the tracking number is up to the shipping company.

What is an Order Number?

When a customer places an order, the seller assigns an order number. The seller uses the Order ID number to manage and fulfill the order. It helps to ensure that the correct product or service is delivered to the right customer and that payment is received for the order.

Where to Find the Order Number?

You can find the order number at these places:

Confirmation Email/Message

You can find the order number in the confirmation email or message.


You can get the order ID from the order summary page on the buyer’s website. Read here to know more about the order summary page.

What is the Format of the Order Number?

The format of an order ID can vary depending on the seller or e-commerce platform. Generally, an order ID is a unique combination of letters, numbers, or both.


In conclusion, the tracking and order ID numbers are crucial in logistics but serve different purposes. The Order ID number is used to track the purchase and payment of a product or service, while the Tracking ID number is used to track the physical movement of a package through the logistics network.


You can get your tracking number from the confirmation email/message and receipt.

It depends on the seller’s tracking system. You can track your order with the order number if the company allows it. However, if it doesn’t offer this facility, you may be unable to track your order with the order ID.

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