Is My Tracking Number Fake

How Do I Know If The Tracking Number is Fake? | Answered

If your tracking number doesn’t work, you may wonder, is my tracking number fake? Many people have become a victim of fake tracking numbers. In this article, we have discussed some methods to help you identify fake tracking numbers. 

You can lose money, personal information, bank account information, etc., if you have got a fake tracking number.

5 Ways to Spot Fake Tracking Numbers

Ways to Spot Fake Tracking Numbers
how to know a fake tracking number?

If you’re unsure about the authenticity of your tracking number, try these methods to verify it:

1. Check the Carrier’s Website

Courier tracking systems offer numerous benefits to courier and transport companies, so they use them to track parcels. You can go to the carrier’s official website.

Put the tracking number there to get the tracking details. The tracking number is valid if the system shows you the tracking information.

  • Sometimes, the tracking information is unavailable right after placing an order.
  • The tracking status is updated when the parcel is loaded, and the barcode is scanned.
  • Therefore, don’t panic if you don’t have any updates.
  • You can check after a while to see whether the delivery status is updated.

If the tracking number is fake, the courier tracking system will not provide any details. The company will flag the already-used tracking numbers.

Tracking numbers contain various types of information, including date, service type, time, etc. So, different tracking numbers can’t have the same information.

When tracking numbers have already been used, the system will remove them as they contain data that can’t be duplicated. Therefore, you’ll not get your parcel’s tracking status.

2. Check the Tracking Number’s Format

Each carrier company has a unique format for the tracking number. Some tracking numbers are alphanumeric, while some have numbers only. For example, the ACPL tracking number has ten digits. It has no alphabet.

You can check the tracking number’s format on the carrier’s website. It’s real if your tracking number matches the carriers’ format. If the format doesn’t match, the tracking number is fake.

3. Spam Email or Text Message

If you receive a tracking number in a spam email or text message, there is a high chance it’s fake. The email or message may also contain suspicious links. When you click on those links, they can request your personal information, including your: 

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Credit card number, etc.

Moreover, they can also ask you to pay money. 

4. Check the Tracking Status

Check the tracking status occasionally to see the parcel’s location. The tracking number might be fake if it displays the same data for many days or doesn’t show any information at all.

5. Contact the Sender

If there is any ambiguity in the tracking number or it seems fake, contact the carrier company. They’ll verify the tracking number and shipment details. Courier companies that hesitate to provide shipment data are likely counterfeit or illegal.

  • Always choose a courier and transport company wisely.
  • Opt for reputed companies only. Read the reviews and testimonials before using the service.
  • Get the opinion of your family and friends on whether this type of service has worked for them.
  • Ask them about their experience.
  • Request them to suggest a credible transport company.


Fake tracking numbers are tricky to identify as they look like real ones. But you can check them on the carrier’s website for validation. Try looking for their proper format. Contact the sender if you find something doubtful. 


You’ve got a fake tracking number if it has an incorrect format, the confirmation email or message has fishy links, tracking details aren’t available, or an illegal courier company sends it.

Put the tracking number on the courier’s website to see if it’s working. Look for the correct tracking number format. Review the confirmation email.

Yes! A tracking number can be wrong due to human or system errors. The company might have assigned you a tracking number that’s already been used. Contact the carrier’s customer support if you have the wrong tracking number.

A fake tracking number can look like a real one, but it’ll not work. If it does, the tracking details will be misleading and incorrect. The courier system could be a scam.

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