How to track Flipkart orders

How to Track Flipkart Order? | 7 Easy Ways

You can track Flipkart orders through:

  • Flipkart website.
  • Flipkart app.
  • Ekart website.
  • Phone number.
  • Third-party websites.
  • Social media.
  • Customer support.

Pumped up about your new PlayStation from Flipkart? Can’t wait to team up with friends for a fun gaming session?

Tracking your Flipkart order is like a walk in the park. I’ve 7 simple ways to guide you through it.

7 Ways to Track Flipkart Order

You can try any of the given methods to track your shipment:

1. Flipkart Website

A. Open the Tracking Page

The official Flipkart site has a tracking page to get your parcel status. Copy the below URL and paste it into any browser to open this page.

Flipkart website

B. Enter Necessary Details

You need two things two to get your parcel’s whereabouts:

  • Tracking ID
  • Email ID

You can find the tracking ID in the confirmation email sent by Flipkart. Put the same email ID you used to place the order.

C. Click “Show Details”

After filling the empty fields with the required information, press the orange colored “Show Details” button.

You’ll get your package’s current status and tracking data.

2. Flipcart App

A. Download the Flipkart App

There are two apps available depending on the smartphone you have.

Android users can download the app with this link:

Apple users can download the app with this link:

B. Login to the App

Now, log in to the app using your email, password, or mobile number.

C. Go to the Orders Page

When logged in, you’ll see the “Account” option. Click it. You’ll see multiple options like orders, wishlist, and help center. Choose the “Orders” option.

D. Select the Desired Order

The order page will show you the number of products you have ordered. Now, click on the product you wish to see the tracking details.

You’ll get the tracing ID, the package’s location, a detailed overview of the order’s journey, estimated delivery time, etc.

Flipkart app

3. Ekart Website

A. Visit Ekart Logistics Website

You can also track your parcel using Ekart’s official site. Copy the URL below and paste it into any browser.

ekart website

B. Give Tracking ID

There will be an empty field where you have to enter your Tracking ID.

C. Press the Search Icon

After entering the tracking ID, click the orange colored search icon.

4. Phone Number

While placing an order, you need to give your mobile number in the shipping details so they can contact you.

They send regular updates about your parcel via text. For example, they’ll inform you when the shipment is dispatched.

Similarly, you’ll get a message when the parcel is out for delivery.

Flipkart text message

5. Third-Party Websites

There are different third-party websites, such as ship24, OrderTracker, AfterShip, etc. Just put the tracking ID there, and that’s it.

Aftership website

6. Social Media Platforms

Give this method a shot if you’re okay with publicly sharing your tracking ID and order number.

Tag Flipkart on social media platforms and request them to track your package. Include the tracking ID in your post or share it through direct messages.

7. Customer Support

If the above methods don’t work for you, don’t worry. Contact Flipkart’s customer support.

The staff may ask some questions to look into the matter and resolve your problem.

Flipkart help center

Flipkart Tracking Status Meaning

You’ll stumble upon various terms while tracking your order. I’ve explained the main ones here:


You can track your Flipkart parcel through their official website, app, Ekart website, phone number, third-party sites, and social media.

If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact their customer support.

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