How to Find a Package without a Tracking Number

How to Track a Package without a Tracking Number? | Guide

Can’t track a gift you sent to your mother because you’ve lost your tracking number? You may be thinking about how to find a package without a tracking number.

It can be challenging to track a package without a tracking number. But we’ll explain a few methods to help you track your parcel without a tracking or reference number. Therefore, you need not worry!

infographic showing methods about how to track a shipment without tracking number
an infographic showing methods to track a shipment without a tracking number

How to Track an Order without a Tracking Number?

You can try these ways to find the package without a tracking number:

1. Check Emails Regularly

Different courier and logistic companies provide parcel tracking updates through email. Therefore, you must check your emails regularly to know your parcel delivery status.

They also provide the tracking number in the confirmation email. If you have deleted or lost the email, you can wait for the upcoming emails regarding your parcel. These emails have the tracking number mentioned.

2. Check Your Receipt and Invoice

The company generates a receipt or invoice when a sender books an order. It has crucial information regarding your package, including:

  • Tracking number
  • Recipients name
  • Package weight 
  • Shipping date
  • Destination address etc

If the reference number isn’t available on the receipt, the remaining data might help track your parcel.

3. Contact the Parcel Recipient

The recipient can verify the package’s arrival if you don’t have the tracking number. The package could have been delivered to the receiver. So, contact the recipient to confirm the parcel delivery.   

4. Reach Out to the Transport Company

If the recipient confirms that the parcel isn’t received, you should get in touch with the transport company. You can call the customer support team or email them. Regarding ACPL courier tracking, call 880 5797 979 and email [email protected].

Provide the customer care team with all the necessary details available to you. You can get the data from the following:

  • Invoice 
  • Receipt
  • Confirmation email

The customer support team can demand the following information:

  • Consignee’s name
  • Consignor’s name
  • Order dispatch date
  • Sender’s address
  • Delivery address
  • Service type

After collecting the data, they’ll give you tracking updates. Moreover, they may give you a tracking number for your parcel.

3 Reasons for Missing Tracking Number

It’s difficult to track shipments without a tracking number. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep it safe.

Here are some reasons why you don’t have a tracking number:

1. Not Assigned by The Courier

Tracking numbers are allocated when you place an order. You can contact the customer support team if you don’t get the tracking number. They’ll look into the matter and resolve your issue.

2. Misplaced Receipt or Invoice

The receipt contains a tracking number. You’ll lose your tracking number if you misplace the receipt.

Always take a picture of your documents to save the necessary information.

3. Deleted Email

The shipping company sends you an email confirmation with details, including the tracking number. If you haven’t found it, check the spam folder. If you deleted it, restore it from the “Trash” folder.

Always take a screenshot of the confirmation email or write the tracking number on paper.


It’s hard to find a package without a tracking number. But you can check the delivery update emails, talk to the recipient or contact customer care to help track your package. Also, look for additional details on your receipt or invoice so you can contact customer service to track your parcel.


No! You cant track a package by name. Tracking or reference number is mandatory whether you use the transport company’s official site or an online tool for shipment tracking.

No! You can’t track your package with your address. The courier and logistics companies use tracking softwares to locate the parcel. So, they require tracking numbers to show the data to the customers on the official website.

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