What is FDM Prepared in DTDC

What is FDM Prepared in DTDC? | Explained

Did you ever see “FDM Prepared” when tracking your DTDC parcel? If yes, you’re not alone. Many people who use DTDC often see this term. What does it mean? 

I’ll explain everything about FDM Prepared in this article so you can understand it easily. 

What is FDM Prepared in DTDC? 

FDM stands for “Franchise Delivery Manifest” or “Franchise Distribution Manifest”.

So, FDM Prepared means that your parcel has reached the courier company’s franchise or distribution center in your city. They’ll send the parcel to you soon.

So, whenever you see FDM prepared when tracking your order status, there’s no need to worry. Your city’s courier franchise has your order, which will be delivered in a few days.

FDM Prepared vs. Other DTDC Courier Tracking Statuses

Let’s look at DTDC courier tracking statuses and explore how FDM Prepared differs from them: 

In Transit: The consignment is on the way to the destination. 

Out for Delivery: The consignment is dispatched from the distribution center to the recipient’s address. 

Delivered: The consignment has reached the specified address, and the recipient has accepted it.

So, the FDM Prepared stage comes between “In Transit” and “Out for delivery”.

For example, you’ve to receive the parcel in Mumbai. Before the parcel reaches Mumbai, it’s “In Transit”.

  • When it reaches DTDC’s warehouse in Mumbai, it’s “FDM Prepared”.
  • When they send the parcel to you, it’s “Out for delivery”.
  • When you receive the package, you’ll see “Delivered” status.’

If you are waiting for an international package through USPS, read the guide on tracking USPS in India.

How Long Does DTDC Take for Delivery after FDM Prepared?

Generally, the company delivers the consignment at least 5 hours to 3 days after FDM Prepared. The delivery time can vary as it depends on the following factors:

1. Service Chosen: Premium services have shorter delivery times than economy services.

2. Weekends: Sometimes, the parcel is delayed due to weekends. 

3. Occasions: The number of orders increases during special events and occasions, impacting the package’s delivery time.

What Should I Do if I Don’t Receive the Parcel?

If you don’t receive your package within a few days after the FDM Prepared status, take the following steps:

1. Contact Customer Support

Reach out to DTDC’s customer service to get your shipment’s whereabouts. Give them all the necessary information. 

2. Visit DTDC Office

If you didn’t get any answer from customer service, go to your nearest DTDC branch and tell them about your undelivered shipment. They can ask you to provide the following data:

  • Order date
  • Necessary details such as your name, address
  • Tracking number

3. Make a Complaint

If nothing works out, complain to the DTDC’s branch manager and inform him of the situation.


What is the next step after FDM prepared?

The next step after FDM prepared is “Out for Delivery“. Once your parcel has arrived at the local warehouse, the management will send it to you.

Key Takeaways

DTDC’s FDM Prepared shows that the destination’s warehouse has received your parcel, which will be out for delivery shortly. You’ll get your package soon after seeing this status.

Weekends and occasions can slow the delivery. If you didn’t get the shipment, contact the DTDC’s customer support or visit their nearest branch. 

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