Does dtdc deliver on sunday

Does DTDC Deliver on Sunday? | Explained

DTDC delivers on Sunday in 3 cases:

  • If this option is available at your local franchise
  • During festivals
  • If you’re using premium services

If you need to send medicines via DTDC urgently and are upset about weekend delays, you must know: Does DTDC deliver on Sunday? It’ll help you make a wise decision before taking any step.

In this article, I’ll clarify whether DTDC delivers shipments on Sunday and include customer experiences.

DTDC Delivery on Sunday

DTDC delivery on Sunday depends on the following factors:

1. Location

There are more than 12,000 DTDC franchises in India. Their vast delivery network covers 11,400+ pin codes across the country.

So, it relies on the local franchise if they want to make deliveries on Sunday. You can contact your nearest DTDC outlet and ask them directly. 

2. Service

DTDC offers diverse services, such as standard, express, and premium. You can get your package on Sunday if you choose their premium services. 

You can decide the delivery day and time to receive the parcel. However, it may cost more than their standard service. You can read my article on DTDC shipping time and costs. 

3. Occasions

For festivals like Holi and Diwali, DTDC delivers on Sundays without additional cost because of bulk orders. 

Customer Reviews

Your experience can vary from that of others since they live in different regions and select different services.

Someone posted on Facebook asking about DTDC delivering parcels on Sunday, and it received mixed comments.

Many people said they don’t. One person mentioned that in Mumbai, DTDC operates 7 days a week. Another affirmed, “Yes, they do.” He shared that they delivered his replacement RAM on Sunday and provided a screenshot of his tracking details.

facebook comment on a post
dtdc tracking details

Final Words

To conclude, DTDC delivers on Sunday if you have selected premium service or your local franchise allows it. You can call customer service and inquire about the pin codes or areas where they deliver on weekends.


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