Can I Give My Parcel Tracking Number to Anyone Else

3 Consequences of Sharing a Parcel Tracking Number

If you’ve sent a parcel to someone, you can share the parcel tracking number with the recipient. So the recipient can track the parcel details and be available to receive the package. If you’ve ordered something for yourself, keep it confidential.

You can give your tracking number to someone you trust if you can’t receive your parcel. Sometimes, you can share it with the tracking website and the insurance company.

We’ll discuss in this article the consequences of sharing a tracking number and with whom it should be shared.

What Can Someone Do with a Tracking Number?

Here are some consequences of sharing the parcel tracking number with unreliable people or on public platforms:

1. Steal Your Parcel

Anybody having access to your tracking number can easily track your parcel. A person with your tracking number can take advantage of your unavailability to receive your package. He can receive your parcel instead of you because he knows the parcel’s location and arrival time.

  • Remain in contact with the shipper’s delivery agent.
  • Schedule a time that works for both of you.

2. Reroute the Package

The tracking number of your package can be used to reroute your package. The person can reroute the package to another address if he knows your email, which is used for parcel updates.

  • Request the shipping company to confirm about changing the destination address if someone calls them to do so.

3. Scam You

Sharing your tracking number on a public forum or Facebook group can make it easy for scammers to collect your personal information. They can call you and claim that they’re from the shipping company.

Moreover, they can ask for your personal information, such as your phone or credit card number, for order/identity verification.

  • Never share your personal information on these types of phone calls.
  • You should contact the shipper’s customer care department to confirm the phone call.

People with Whom You Can Share the Tracking Number

Can I give my parcel tracking number to anyone else? Many people wonder about this.

It’s okay to give your tracking number to the following people:

1. Recipient

If you’re sending a package to someone, you can give the tracking number to the recipient. This will help the receiver to get the parcel tracking status.

2. Tracking Website

You can use the tracking number to find your parcel’s location using your courier’s official website or third-party sites. Additionally, you can put your GC number in our ACPL courier tracker to get your ACPL tracking status.

3. Family, Friend, or Neighbor

Whenever you’re unavailable to receive your package, you can give your tracking number to a family member, friend, or neighbor. So they can track your parcel and take it on your behalf. 

4. Insurance Company

If your parcel is lost or misplaced by the shipping company, you can claim insurance. The insurance company can ask for necessary information, including the tracking number. So you can share the tracking number with the insurance company.

What to Do If Someone Has Your Parcel Tracking Number?

If anyone has found your tracking number, you can contact the shipper’s customer support and tell them about the issue. You can ask them if someone requests to reroute the parcel, don’t do it without your approval.

If someone has got your ACPL GC number, you can contact its customer care to resolve the matter. 


To conclude, you should refrain from sharing the parcel tracking number with random people. Instead, you can share it with credible people when necessary. Moreover, it can be shared with the tracking website to get your parcel’s whereabouts. Insurance companies can ask for it in case of a lost parcel.

Losing personal details, stolen parcels, and package rerouting are some consequences of sharing a parcel tracking number. Contact the shipper’s customer service to seek help if you encounter any problems.


You should avoid sharing your tracking number with any random person. If you can’t receive your package, share your tracking number with a trustworthy friend or family member.

No! Tracking numbers are unique for each package. The courier companies never assign the same tracking numbers to two packages. So two people can’t have the same tracking number.

No! The tracking number doesn’t show the complete destination address. It only shows the destination city.

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