What is ACPL Tracking Number?

What is the ACPL Tracking Number or GC Number? | Pros, Uses

When you send a consignment through a logistics company, you’ll get a tracking number printed over a receipt. Similarly, when you use ACPL services, you’ll get a tracking number. This article discusses the importance and benefits of the ACPL tracking number and how to use it for parcel tracking. 

Key Takeaways

  • ACPL tracking number is a 10-digit number the company gives for parcel tracking.
  • It consists of numbers only.
  • It’s available on the shipping label, receipt, and in the confirmation email.
  • The reference number is used for consignment tracking.
  • It’s needed to retrieve lost parcels.

ACPL Tracking Number

ACPL tracking number refers to a 10-digit number given by the company when you send a parcel through ACPL. You can find it on your receipt. The GC number is unique for every customer.

Moreover, you should keep your tracking number private as it’s confidential information.

Format of ACPL Tracking Number

Every company’s tracking number format is different. A tracking number can be short or long. It can include alphabets, numbers, hyphens, etc. The character limit is between 8 and 40.

The tracking number format depends on different things, including:

  • Service type
  • The region where the company offers the service

ACPL courier tracking number has ten digits. It doesn’t have any letters, hyphens, or alphabets. For example, 2101103644 has numbers only. 

The image shows the data generated from the tracker after putting the GC number
Tracking details after adding GC number

Where to Find ACPL Tracking Number?

Where to Find ACPL Tracking Number
3 places to get your GC number

You can find the ACPL GC number at the following places:

1. Shipping Label

A shipping label is attached to a package that you want to deliver. The ACPL cargo tracking number is near the shipping label’s barcode.

Besides the tracking number, the shipping label has the following information:

  • Sender’s name
  • Sender’s address
  • Recipient’s name
  • Recipient’s address
  • Service type
  • Barcode

2. Receipt

When you book a cargo service, the company gives you a receipt as proof. So, the tracking number is also available on the receipt generated by ACPL.

3. Confirmation Email

Different logistic companies use modern solutions to solve their problems and provide value. So, many companies will send you a confirmation email when you send a consignment using their service. Hence, you can find the tracking number in the email from ACPL.

Contact ACPL customer care to get the tracking number if you’ve lost your receipt or confirmation email.

Using the ACPL GC Number for Parcel Tracking

Here are some steps to use tracking number using for ACPL tracking:

  • Find the tracking number from the receipt or confirmation email
  • Put this number in the tool
  • Click “Track”
  • You’ll get the tracking details of your consignment

Purpose of Tracking Number

  • The GC number allows the company to track parcels throughout their journey.
  • It helps ACPL to deliver your packages on time.
  • If a parcel is misplaced, this will also aid in retrieving it.

How The Tracking Number Help to Find Shipment Status?

  • The barcode and the tracking number of the shipping label are linked with each other.
  • The barcode is scanned at various pickup and delivery points throughout the delivery process.
  • Consequently, continuous barcode scanning creates a database including the consignment location and people who managed the package.
  • If the package gets damaged or goes missing during the shipment process, the company can investigate the people who handled and delivered it.

6 Benefits of Parcel Tracking Number

Where to Find ACPL Tracking Number
How does the GC number benefit you?

It’s advantageous for customers and the transport company to have a tracking number.

Here are some ways in which a tracking number benefits the courier company and its clients:

1. Tracking Status Updates

Using the GC number, you can find your consignment’s tracking status. ACPL will provide you with the following tracking details:

  • Booking details
  • Transit details
  • Delivery details

Customers can see the vehicle number and different pickup and delivery locations for the entire consignment delivery process.

2. Increases Customer Satisfaction

The tracking number lets clients get information about their package’s delivery date. It increases customer satisfaction because they’re aware of the delivery date. They’ll not panic thinking about when the parcel will arrive. Hence, it creates a good customer experience.

3. Boosts Sales

We’ve discussed above how tracking number assists in gaining customer satisfaction. Customers who’re satisfied and happy with the company’s service will buy it regularly. They can also share a positive word of mouth and refer the service to others.

A survey found that 86% of consumers would repurchase your service due to excellent customer service, and 77% would recommend it to friends and family

4. Improves the Company’s Credibility

The tracking information from our tool includes the estimated delivery date. The clients can expect when to receive the parcel. In this way, the courier company wins the trust and loyalty of its customers.

5. Less Reliance on Customer Support

The reference number provides the delivery date. Consequently, the clients don’t have to reach customer support to inquire about their consignment status and delivery date. They don’t rely on customer support to get their shipment status.

Moreover, it also relaxes the customer support team because they don’t have to solve additional queries that the reference number and our ACPL tracker can solve.

6. On Schedule Delivery

The company is enforced to meet the deadlines as customers know the parcel’s expected delivery date. Clients may not use the company’s service again if the delivery is late.

So, the transport company considers the deadlines and provides prompt delivery for customer retention.


To conclude, using the ACPL tracking number, you can track your consignment anytime without needing customer support. Moreover, it enables one to regain misplaced packages. Tracking can be found easily on the receipt, shipment label, and confirmation email.

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