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How to Submit ACPL Service Complaints? (Full Guide)

Sometimes, a business fails to meet customers’ expectations. So, owing to this, customers can make service complaints. Despite offering quality services to thousands of customers, ACPL gets complaints as nothing can be perfect. ACPL service complaints help the company to analyze its shortcomings. 

Humans can make mistakes. Despite our best efforts, mistakes are inevitable. Therefore, ACPL Cargo considers the comments of its customers and always tries to enhance its services.

Key Takeaways

  • Customers can put forward different service complaints, including late pickup, late delivery, lost packages, document missing, and bad customer service.
  • Clients can make complaints through a complaint form and customer support.

Common Types of ACPL Service Complaints

There is a diverse range of ACPL services serving thousands of customers daily. So, people can encounter different problems.

Some common problems about which customers can complain are given below:

1. Late Pickup

Considering the comfort of its customers, ACPL Transport provides a consignment pickup service. Numerous people who can’t drop off their packages at ACPL use this service. Occasionally, ACPL may delay picking up your goods because of excessive pickup requests.

2. Late Delivery

ACPL ensures prompt consignment delivery. It happens once in a blue moon that the shipment gets late. The following can be the reasons behind late parcel shipment:

  • Public holidays
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Pandemic
  • Excessive workload

If it is late, you can track your parcel with our ACPL courier tracker.

3. Lost Packages

It’s frustrating for customers when their packages are misplaced or lost. It can cause damage to the transport company’s reputation.

The following are some reasons why packages are lost:

  • Incorrect address
  • Incorrect label
  • Human error
  • Theft
  • System errors

4. Document Missing

The customer can file a complaint if any of his documents have been lost during the delivery. 

5. No COD Receipt

Customers can report a complaint if they don’t receive a cash-on-delivery receipt. A COD receipt is a proof that the customer has made a payment upon receiving the goods. 

6. Unsatisfactory Customer Service

ACPL customer care is unmatched. Nonetheless, you may not have received a response to your inquiry from a customer support team member. The customer support team may have been overwhelmed due to work overload.

How to Report ACPL Service Complaints? 

There are two methods to report complaints:

1. ACPL Service Complaint Form

ACPL has provided a service complaint form for its customers. They can choose the type of complaint and mention their issues in the comment section.

The ACPL service complaint form has the following fields:

  • Customer name
  • Mobile number
  • Email Id
  • ACPL tracking number / GC number
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Type of Complaints
  • Your Comment

You can fill out the form according to your concerns. After giving the above data, you can submit your form. You will get a complaint register confirmation email after submitting the form.

When ACPL Cargo receives complaints, the company analyzes the problem and finds the cause. After that, ACPL will contact you in a few days to resolve the issue.

ACPL Service Complaint Form
ACPL Service Complaint Form

2. Customer Service

You can contact ACPL customer care if you have any type of complaints. The customer support team will instantly reply to you. You can contact them by phone or email to convey your message.

You can call 880 5797 979 or send an email to [email protected]

Remember to give them all the necessary details, e.g., the ACPL tracking number, the type of service you used, the order date, etc. 


Service complaints show that there is room for improvement. ACPL service complaints enable the company to analyze things needing more attention. It helps to find gaps. So, ACPL can take essential steps to bridge those gaps and enhance the customer experience.

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