ACPL Container Service

ACPL Container Service | 8 Matchless Features | Safe, Fast

When it comes to safe and sound consignment delivery, who wants something other than a reputable and responsible container service? ACPL has a team of professional workers who have served 150000+ customers. Therefore, you can definitely trust ACPL container service for your package delivery.

Using its container service, you can enjoy different features, including prompt customer support, 20 and 40 feet container booking, project loads booking, and much more. Moreover, ACPL Transport covers 85 districts. So, you can send your goods via container anywhere across India.

Not only that, you can now track your consignment within a few seconds using our tool for ACPL tracking. You and your business will benefit significantly from the high-quality features of ACPL container service.

Here is a detailed explanation of each feature of ACPL Container Service:

1. Online Pickup Requests for ACPL Container Service

Online Pickup Requests for ACPL Container service
Make online pickup request and let ACPL handle the rest

You can ask ACPL to pick up your consignment from your location or warehouse via online pickup request. After that, the company will dispatch the goods to their assigned destination.

The company needs the following information in the form:

  • Personal details
  • Shipment details
  • Pick up details
  • Destination details

Take advantage of this feature if you need more resources to send your package to ACPL Cargo.

2. 20 and 40 Feet Container Booking

20 and 40 feet ACPL container service
Pick containers depending on your needs and package size

Not all customers have the same demands. Some clients need service to transport light packages, and some transfer heavy loads. So, there are two different types of containers to fulfill the customer’s needs:

  • 20 feet containers
  • 40 feet containers

You can choose any container according to your needs and package size. Furthermore, ACPL can transport your shipment across the western and southern parts of India through its 200+ branches.

3. Project Loads Booking

Project Load Booking
Get your complicated and big packages delivered securely

ACPL Logistics handles and delivers project loads with high precaution and takes all the safety measures. The employees have the technical knowledge to transport oversized and complex loads safely. So, you can trust ACPL services

4. Computerized Work Operations

Computerized Work Operations
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

ACPL employs softwares and modern technology to manage its day-to-day work procedures. Therefore, customers can enjoy facilities like online consignment booking, the ACPL cargo app, online pickup requests, and digital documents like invoices, bills, etc.

The customers have full access to digital documents. They can view and download them anytime. So, the computerized environment at ACPL helps the company to simplify the work and provides convenience to the clients. 

5. Safe, In-time, and Efficient Services

APCL employee managing a container package
Reap benefits of proficient parcel delivery service

ACPL guarantees on-time shipment delivery. The business takes every safety measure to handle the package. As a result, they deliver the goods in perfect condition. Moreover, you can read ACPL Cargo reviews to see what customers say about its services.

6. Centralized Single Point Billing for The Multi-Location Business

Centralized Single Point Billings
Simple billing procedure

Avinash Cargo provides multi-location businesses with consolidated single-point billing. This functionality makes billing and invoicing easier. Clients can only visit one department during the billing process. A single department manages all billing procedures to facilitate efficiency and reduce errors.

7. Key Accounts Management Facility

Key Account Management Facility
Get customized solutions according to your business needs

Large-scale businesses can have more specific logistic requirements than other businesses. So, ACPL offers them tailored solutions and assistance according to their demands. 

8. Instant Customer Service

ACPL employee providing customer support to a client
Leverage sublime customer support

According to a survey conducted by Microsoft, 95% of the respondents believe that brand loyalty relies on good customer service. So, this survey shows the necessity of smooth customer support to win permanent clients.

ACPL offers fast customer support. The company has a crew of experienced workers having great communication skills. You can contact ACPL customer support through email and phone. They’ll resolve your queries regarding vehicle booking, late consignment delivery, etc. 


To conclude, the ACPL container service delivers your packages safely, with agility and reliability. The company has proved itself in the transportation industry as it covers an extensive range of clients and businesses.

Moreover, you can utilize its services from the comfort of your home thanks to ACPL’s online pickup request and online booking.

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