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What are Avinash Cargo Reviews? | 8 Reasons to Choose ACPL

Are you wondering whether Avinash Transport is worth your money and time? Are ACPL cargo reviews positive or negative? Is their service up to the mark? Will they deliver your parcel safely and on time?

Your mind may teem with similar questions. Don’t worry because that’s quite natural. Many people think like this before using any service or buying any product.

In this article, we’ll share honest ACPL cargo reviews and customer testimonials. The reviews will explain why you should choose ACPL over other transport companies.

ACPL Clients

The company worked its fingers to the bone and multiplied its branches to 200+ all over the country. More than 150000 customers, including big brands, have taken advantage of ACPL services.

Following are some companies listed among the ACPL clients:

  • Berger
  • Godrej
  • GE
  • KPT

If you’re among its clients, you can use our user-friendly ACPL tracking tool to keep track of your shipments.

Customer Testimonials

Here’re some testimonials given by ACPL customers to help you make your decision regarding its logistic service:

Google Reviews

Google reviews are an excellent source to get information about a business’s credibility and service quality. People use the service and give their unbiased reviews. That’ll give you an idea of whether to utilize this service or not.

Here are some Google reviews of ACPL cargo:

8 Reasons Choose ACPL over Other Transport Companies

Reasons Choose ACPL over Other Transport Companies
Why should you trust ACPL?

The following reasons make Avinash Cargo a better courier service than others:

1. Diverse Services

ACPL stands out from its rivals by providing unique services like door pickup and quick multimodal delivery. Its services include:

2. Sublime Customer Support

According to Gartner, customers are 97% more inclined to recommend your company to others when businesses provide exemplary customer service. So, ACPL knows the value of exceptional customer support.

Hence, ACPL customer service is unparalleled. The company has hired experts to resolve customer issues quickly. The professional team listens carefully to your concerns and addresses them. So, the customer service department is second to none and always ready to help you. 

3. Well-maintained Fleet

With over 900 trucks at its disposal, ACPL Logistics provides efficient and secure delivery across India. For the usage and maintenance of fleet vehicles, ACPL has specific rules and procedures to guarantee safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness.

So, ACPL fleet vehicles are perfect for carrying oversized and complex packages even under extreme weather conditions. Additionally, fleet vehicles can have customized environments based on the package type. Consequently, your goods are delivered safely.

4. Covers a Wide Part of India

ACPL has 200+ branches across the country. The company covers 85 districts and more than 5000 pin codes. Therefore, you can send your consignment anywhere in India through ACPL.

5. Short Transit Time

In addition to covering more than 5000 pin codes, the company also offers a quick transit time. The company meets the deadlines without delays and delivers your consignments on time. As a result of its short transit time, ACPL maintains a competitive position in the market.

6. Accommodates All Business Types

ACPL accommodates all types of businesses by providing personalized solutions. If you’ve particular demands, ACPL can give you a customized service.

7. Uses Technological Approaches

ACPL employs modern technology to run its operations and make its clients’ lives easier. As a result, the business provides an online booking system, online pickup requests, an ACPL tracking app, and digital customer interface documents.

8. Delivers Different Kinds of Goods

Whether you transport small packages or oversized complex loads, ACPL delivers them without issues. This enables ACPL to cover all business types. You can choose ACPL without any second thought, regardless of the package size.

ACPL Awards and Recognitions

The amazing features of ACPL cargo service differentiate it from its competitors. Hence, ACPL came out with flying colors and won 3 awards owing to hard work and determination. 

Rashtriya Nirman Ratna Award

Rashtriya Nirman Ratna Award
Rashtriya Nirman Ratna Award

The Indian Organization for Business Research and Development gave the “Rashtriya Nirman Ratna Award” to the founder of Avinash Cargo, Mr. Baban Shelke, in 2006. It’s an honor for Mr. Baban to receive this award from Mr. GVG Krishnamurthy, the former Election Commissioner of India.

Award for Best Supply Chain Management Practices

Award for Best Supply Chain Management Practices
Award for Best Supply Chain Management Practices

In 2017, ACPL hit the jackpot and bagged another “Best Supply Chain Management Practices in Service Sector-Large Scale award.” It’s given by the Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM).

Award for Long Association in Supplier Meet 2019

Award for Long Association in Supplier Meet 2019
Award for Long Association in Supplier Meet 2019

The Managing Director of ACPL, Mr. Shelke, was bestowed with one more award for ACPL. It’s for “Long Association” in Supplier Meet 2019. Crane Process Flow Technologies India Pvt Ltd gave this award to Mr. Shelke.

Final Verdict

Considering the number of customers served, clients list, testimonials, Google reviews, and services offered, ACPL is one of the best transport companies in India.

However, nothing is 100% perfect. Sometimes, your consignment may get late due to public holidays, bad weather conditions, or excess orders, but that’ll happen once in a blue moon. Otherwise, you’ll get your delivery safely and timely.

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