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ACPL Cargo Management Team | Hands behind ACPL Transport

ACPL Logistics is a major player in the transport industry. A company can only achieve success with a hardworking team behind it. You can’t ignore the struggles of the ACPL Cargo management team to make the company successful. The positive reviews of Avinash Cargo from its clients are proof of its continuous grind.

Here’s the list of people in the ACPL Cargo management team who always go the extra mile for ACPL logistics’ progress:

1. Mr. Baban Shelke

Mr. Baban Shelke from ACPL Cargo management team
Baban Shelke

Mr. Baban Shelke, in 1989, founded ACPL. Moreover, he’s the head honcho and managing director of this transport company. His novel thinking and foresight played a part in the growth of ACPL cargo.

Due to his innovativeness, he put forward ideas like:

  • Door Pickup
  • Multimodal Express Delivery
  • Door Delivery Multimodal Express Delivery

He worked hard to turn his ideas into reality. Consequently, ACPL is among the top-notch transport and logistics companies in India. He introduced the key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep track of the company’s progress. 

Therefore, ACPL services are second to none. Moreover, the company has come a long way and expanded its 200+ branches in multiple states, including Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.

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In 2006, he received the “Rashtriya Nirman Ratan” award from the Indian Organization for Business Research and Development. Besides running his company, Shelke has different hobbies to enjoy in his leisure time. His favorite hobbies are reading, meditation, and traveling.

2. Mr. Ravindra Jankar 

Mr. Ravindra Jankar from ACPL Cargo management team
Ravindra Jankar

Mr. Ravindra Jankar, the director of ACPL, is also its founding member. He’s a goldmine with 25-year experience in the transport and logistics industry, its management, operational efficiency, and product development.

His foremost responsibilities include the following:

  • Formulating the company’s aims 
  • Devising strategies to align the company’s progress with the goals
  • Giving directional guidance to the labor pool
  • Proper distribution of resources
  • Keeping an eye on the budget
  • Administrating departmental roles

He’s fond of swimming and traveling. Moreover, he enjoys watching documentaries and different types of movies. 

3. Mr. Avinash Shelke

Mr. Avinash Shelke
Avinash Shelke

Mr. Avinash Shelke, the Executive Director of the Logistics & Container Division, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Pune. He’s a part of the leadership team.

Moreover, he contributes to taking major strategic actions for ACPL. He often meets his logistic customers. Consequently, he has a good relationship with them. Furthermore, he works hard to increase the revenue of the company. 

4. Mr. Sandeep Bhagvat

Mr. Sandeep Bhagvat
Sandeep Bhagvat

Mr. Sandeep Bhagvat, one of the leadership team members, helps the company take strategic steps for its progress. He serves as a Vice President for:

  • Overall operations of ACPL
  • Operation department
  • Pune region
  • Mumbai region

The primary role of Mr. Sandeep is to manage and enhance the sales efficiency of ACPL.

5. Mrs. Malan Jankar

Mrs. Malan Jankar
Malan Jankar

Mrs. Malan Jankar, the Founder member of ACPL, is an essential participant of the core team. She’s also a General Manager of ACPL’s HR, Costing, and Training & Development. She believes in taking advantage of modern technology and aims to develop professional information technology support in the company.

Consequently, she works to enhance the following:

  • Fabricating  IT infrastructure
  • IT system in ACPL
  • Hardware and Networking
  • Software support

6. Mr. S Padma Kumar Nayar

Mr. S Padma Kumar Nayar
S Padma Kumar Nayar

Mr. Nayar assists ACPL cargo as General Manager for Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore Region. He actively participates in the tactical plan development to hit the company’s targets. Moreover, he’s in charge of devising ways to enhance the company’s earnings and sales. 

7. Mr. Bhushan Swami

Mr. Bhushan Swami
Bhushan Swami

Mr. Bhushan Swami, who graduated with a Commerce degree from Shivaji University, creates different plans to achieve the company’s objectives. He’s General Manager for ACPL Marketing and Customer Care & Recovery. His work efficiency speaks volumes about his 21 years of great experience.

8. Mr. Kiran Hirve

Mr. Kiran Hirve
Kiran Hirve

Mr. Kiran Hirve is the general manager of the IT department of ACPL. He’s a software development and computer programming whiz, helping companies adhere to their aims and goals with the help of technology. He’s a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Computers from Mumbai University, India. 

9. Mr. Deepak Kulkarni

Mr. Deepak Kulkarni
Deepak Kulkarni

Mr. Deepak Kulkarni, the assistant manager in the Finance Department, has 35 years of experience in the finance field. He’s a Bachelor’s in Commerce and studied at Shivaji University, India.

Furthermore, he handles various financial tasks to run the company smoothly and effectively. He manages the company’s financial information and resources, including budgeting, taxes, and cash flow.

Moreover, he keeps track of the company’s performance using KPIs and works on improving processes related to finance and taxes.

10. Mr. Prasaad Shelke

Mr. Prasaad Shelke
Prasaad Shelke

Mr. Prasaad Shelke, the Assistant General Manager in Operations Department, contributes to driving growth and success for the company. He’s a Bachelor’s in Arts and completed his degree at Pune University, India.

He’s responsible for improving operational efficiency and sales. Moreover, he plays an integral role in strategy formulation to fulfill the company’s goals. 

He also manages various operational tasks, including:

  • Hub Operation
  • Vehicle Payment
  • Line Operation
  • Quality Control
  • Claim Process

11. Mr. Ravindra Shinde

Mr. Ravindra Shinde from ACPL Cargo management team
Ravindra Shinde

As the Assistant General Manager for Advertising, Administration, and Purchasing at ACPL, Mr. Shinde oversees these departments. In addition to setting objectives, implementing strategies to achieve them, and tracking progress, it involves ensuring that departments meet their targets.

Furthermore, his input is more expansive than these departments. He also shares his knowledge and wisdom to generate fruitful results in other fields. 


To conclude, numerous people pour their blood, sweat, and tears to fulfill the dream of a successful company. According to PGI, when people in a workplace collaborate, it boosts innovation by 15%. Therefore, you can’t deny the importance of teamwork, as teamwork makes the dream work.

Similarly, the ACPL cargo management team gave 110% to overcome all the hurdles. Due to the consistent tough grind, the company came out with flying colors. 

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