ACPL Cargo’s History and Milestones

ACPL Cargo’s History and Milestones | Introduction

Does ACPL cargo’s success inspire you? Are you curious to learn about its history? This article discusses ACPL Cargo’s history and milestones achieved so far.

ACPL Transport is one of the leading transport companies in India. The people in ACPL have moved mountains since 1989 to come a long way. It provides different logistics services to cater to the needs of its customers.

Besides the fast delivery service, ACPL Logistics is also known for its immediate customer service and reasonable prices. Moreover, you can use our online tool for ACPL tracking if you’re among its clients.

Today, Avinash Cargo is recognized nationwide. The company holds multiple awards because of innovative solutions that meet its customer’s logistics needs. ACPL Cargo’s history and milestones are proof of the company’s continuous grind and consistency.

ACPL Milestones

There have been various milestones achieved by ACPL and positive customer reviews about its services.

Following are some of ACPL’s most noteworthy milestones and achievements over the past decades:

ACPL Cargo Milestones
ACPL Cargo Milestones

ACPL History

Here is the history of ACPL Cargo. You can get detailed information about how the company started and evolved gradually with time.

1989 to 1995

An ordinary man, Mr. Baban Shelke, in 1989 bought a second-hand three-wheeler rickshaw tempo to kickstart his delivery business. He used to deliver parcels of Patel Roadways.

The morning task was to transport water and ice locally. The evening task was to provide oil cans to the local shopkeepers. He knuckled down and made progress day by day.

After some time, he launched a business in Karad, Panchgani, Satara, and Mahabaleshwar districts after buying a used Bajaj Metador. The prime focus was to deliver building materials, clothing bundles, and food supplies to local consumers.

Soon, he got his first client. It was an industrial machinery manufacturing company named “Crane Process Flow Technologies” in Satara, India. 

The client requested “Trip Services” for “Industrial Goods” outside Satara, in Belgaum, Pune, Palghar, and Kolhapur regions.

Consequently, the term “Avinash Transport” was given to this transportation-related business. All the operations were run through an office established from an STD booth in Belgaum, Pune, and Satara.

As time passed, the business advanced. Mr. Baban bought more fleet vehicles to smoothen the consignment delivery process. Here’re some people who gave him a leg up during the business:

  • Mr. Ravindra Jankar
  • Mrs. Malan Jankar
  • His wife, Mrs. Bhagirathi Shelke

1996 to 2000

The founder, Mr. Baban, along with all the support, expanded his business and opened new branches. He invested money to scale the business. He hired 30 drivers and 20 staff members. Moreover, he bought 20 new vehicles to enhance the consignment delivery system further.

Not only that, he owned four offices in different states to manage the business operations efficiently:

  • Kolhapur
  • Satara
  • Belgaum
  • Pune

All the business operations were then moved from STD booths to these offices. 

2001 to 2005

According to a quote by Bruce Lee, “Preparation for tomorrow is hard work today.” The hard work of Mr. Shelke paid off, and the company was certified as “Pvt Ltd.” Adopting corporate policies and acts, the company adhered to all governmental laws and regulations.

Now, the business was introduced in 4 different regions:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Nashik
  • Hubli
  • Mumbai

ACPL aimed to launch new services for its customers. So, a new container division was established to enter the logistics sector in Mumbai. It also initiated value-added services. The company had 30+ branches, 100+ office employees, and 100+ vehicles by the end of 2005.

2006 to 2010

Kaizen Theory and Six Sigma Theory were first adopted in business activities by ACPL. Considering ACPL’s expansion and goals, the company used its resources to set forth software systems. It instigated key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the company’s growth.

Furthermore, Mr. GVG Krishnamurthy, the former Indian Election Commissioner, presented Mr. Baban Shelke with the “Rastriya Nirman Ratna” award in 2006. The award was given by the Indian Organization for Business Research and Development, New Delhi.

The incorporation of technology to enhance the service quality and ease the customers was its unique point. The company in 2007, introduced the ACPL web:

  • To give people a personalized customer support experience
  • To resolve queries
  • Do consignment tracking online in just a few clicks

ACPL began transshipment hubs in Satara, Pune, Belgaum, and Mumbai cities. The company extended its branches to the states of Karnataka and Goa.

2011 to 2015

The company’s customer base increased. So, for customizable and seamless services, ACPL initiated web-based software. In the meantime, ACPL established additional branches across Gujarat. To effectively automate and implement the system, ACPL switched to fully automated systems in online Trans ERP in 2014.

2016 to date

ACPL has taken advantage of modern technology and, in 2016, provided Consignment Notes for customers at their desks. The company built a CRM module to improve the customer experience and provide worth to them.

In 2017, ACPL scooped an award for the “Best Supply Chain Management Practices in Service Sector-Large Scale” from the Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM).

With a corporate office in Pune, ACPL established additional branches in Madhya Pradesh and Tamilnadu. Mr. Shelke, the Managing Director of ACPL, received another award. It’s for the “Long Association” category in Supplier Meet 2019. Mr. Shelke received this award from Crane Process Flow Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

Now, ACPL has served more than 150000+ customers. It has 250+ branches across India providing its service to 85 districts. Currently, the company has a fleet of 900+ vehicles to ensure safe and fast consignment delivery. 


In a nutshell, considering ACPL’s evolution over the past years, if you put in 110%, you can achieve anything in your life. So, ACPL Cargo’s history and milestones are a source of inspiration for people who want to do something big.

Both hard and smart work play a prime role in accomplishing your goals. So, believe in yourself and work hard, as it’s the only path to success.

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